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Quotes "I highly recommend Talisman Farm to anyone considering purchasing a Talisman Farm youngster, or breeding to one of the stallions, TF Hamish or Crossiebeg Brennan. Studmaster Louise Wilsden is very approachable, knowledgable, open and honest in all aspects of her stud management. Louise has provided outstanding care of a broodmare I lease who is currently at Talisman Farm, as well as a young gelding that was on a 'stop-over' on his way up from the South Island." Quotes
Annika Schneider
Happy Customer

Quotes Received via the website: Hi Louise I don't know if you will remember me, but quite a few years ago you helped me with advice on arthritis in horses, you had a wee mare that had suffered from arthritis & my gelding had just been diagnosed. We used to correspond by email a bit ... Well since then I've been a long time admirer of your stud & especially Hamish. I've recently been foal shopping for my next young horse & remembered how much I liked the look of Hamish & have been lucky enough to come across a wee foal by him....I'm stoked! I'm involved with the Wellington Area Trail Riding Club & do a lot of CTR, so he's going to be my future CTR horse as well as all round fun horse! He will come to live in Marton with me. Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know & will stay in touch with updates when he arrives. Quotes
Aimee Merrick
Excited new owner of a 'Hamish Baby'

Quotes I have dealt with Louise & Nick a number of times over the past few years and have found them to be very helpful and accommodating. They have also babysat my mares & foals for me, which meant that I could relax and enjoy my holiday without worrying about my babies while I was away. Really nice & down to earth people - beautiful horses too! Quotes
Marianne McMillan
Dreamweaver Sport Horses

Quotes I bought a TF bred youngster, TF Summer Solstice (Aine) directly from the stud and couldn't be happier with her. She received a great start to life at Talisman Farm with just the right amount of handling. She is very sensible and polite and I often have to remind myself she is only a youngster. Aine spent her first winter at Talisman Farm under Lou's careful supervision. She was very well looked after in every way and i received regular updates on her well being. I would highly recommend Talisman Farm to anyone looking to breed or purchase a sensible youngster with a bright future. Quotes
Kerry Bale
Owner of Aine (TF Life O'Reilly x Fantasy)

Quotes Bijou (BJ) is so much fun to have around. She absolutely adores people (and her equine buddies) and is extremely quick to learn new things, a tribute to her excellent handling during her time at Talisman Farm. She has a lovely quiet temperament, and I know we are going to have a great time together. A fantastic addition to the family... thanks! Quotes
Jasley McSaveney
Owner of TF Bijou (TF Hamish X So Gentle)

Quotes I chose TF Hamish as the stallion for my lightweight excitable TB mare because of his temperament, build and Station-bred heritage. The resulting strong intelligent colt is proof that the choice was 100% correct. Gracie (Race for Gold) was kept in A1 condition throughout. I am so impressed with her care and her offspring that she will be returning this coming spring, this time with her TB paddock mate. TF Hamish is the perfect mate for my TB mares. Quotes
Daphne Grant
Owner of Race for Gold (Gracie) & Breeder of Morocco

Quotes I sent a thoroughbred mare to Talisman Farm to be mated with Kintyre Lodge Robbie this summer and have been particularly impressed with Louise's approach to both horses and customers.Louise's affection for horses is obvious and is matched by a depth of practical horsemanship and an impressive knowledge of equine health matters. I was kept well informed, via emails including photographs, as to my mare's progress. Louise's communication skills are excellent and compare favourably with many of the thoroughbred studs I have dealt with. Talisman Farm's charges are very reasonable and there were no nasty surprises. My mare came back in foal and had obviously been frequently groomed and well looked after. On the basis of my experience I would very much recommend Talisman Farm to other horse people. Quotes
Mike Dalzell
Owner of Lady Assure (Lady) & Breeder of Hector

Quotes I chose TF Hamish as the stallion for my mare for several reasons; he is small and compact, as is she, which would aid in an easy first time birth; he is very sensible and well mannered, as is she to be handled but not ridden, and I hope this will come out in the foal when he is ready to be broken in; he is a good mixture of breeds (IMO), the stationbred to give stability, the arab for flair and movement and the TB from the mare to give some elegance. The result of this cross was (at first) a stunning bay colt. He has now become rather grey (like his father) but he is a lovely laid-back chap who takes everything in his stride. Right from birth he has been very inquisitive which has only helped in making him a very 'solid', non-spooky, future riding horse that will cope with whatever is thrown at him. I am very pleased with the result of the cross and if I had my own land I would be whizzing Cricket back for another service to Hamish. Quotes
Judy Jeffery
Owner of Cricket and Breeder of Oscar

Quotes I have sent two mares to Talisman Farm. Ears & Ali. I was kept informed every step of the way and sent photos so I could judge for myself how my 'girls' were. Both mares have come back in great condition. I was particularly impressed with Nick and Lou's care of Ali who is definitely a mare with a few issues from her past. My farrier had been unable to trim her since I had had her, despite patience and ongoing work with her . She was returned to me with feet neatly trimmed by Nick which I personally am delighted about and very grateful for, and it is clear that this experience has moved her forward in her foot handling retraining. Waiting in eager anticipation for my Hamish babies this year. I think Hamish is a lovely stallion with an exceptional temperament, (as is Robbie) and am looking forward to having foals by him. I would recommend Talisman Farm to anyone who wants the assurance that their mare will not be just a number, and that neither will they be just another customer. Quotes
Kay Hull -
Owner of Ears & Breeder of Kismet Farm Storm & Kismet Farm Karma

Quotes You've done an exceptional job with him (TF Finn) and from what I can see with all your horses! Hamish and I will certainly be telling everybody what a fantastic experience this has been! (I've been involved with horses over 20 years, and I think I haven't seen anybody, including pricey top studs, give their babies a better start!!)! Over the years we've bought and imported horses and by far your babies are the most well adjusted, happy and healthy we've seen, no exceptions! Feel free to quote us, we would be delighted to recommend Talisman farm, it's great to know that there are people out there breeding lovely quality and sensible horses for others to enjoy! Quotes
Hamish and Melanie Qualtrough
Owners of TF Finn - TF Hamish X Abba Jean