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Nick and I have lived here at Talisman Farm since 1999 - We purchased this property so that I could live my dream of having my horses with me at home. Little did we know back then that we would eventually have quite so many horses!!!

Why did we start our breeding program? 

The answer is pretty simple really. Over the past 30+ years I have owned and ridden a large number of horses and, prior to breeding my own, every single one, without exception, has had handling and riding issues that were brought about by inconsistent and poor handling from a young age. Add to this the fact that until recently, I have found it incredibly difficult to actually find any nice, sane & affordable purpose bred CROSSBRED riding horses for myself and my friends and I saw that there was something of a gap in the market.

Therefore, here at Talisman Farm, we are striving to breed horses of excellent temperament and character with sound conformation and good all-round ability. We know that the world is full of riders who just want to ENJOY their horses. They have no desire to go out and win Olympic medals, rather they want to go to the local sports days and come home after having a wonderful stress free day out with their best mate. 

Our horses win the hearts of all who spend time with them and are indeed, ...


What are we doing to breed and produce our horses?

Firstly, we only choose mares that are sound, well conformed, nicely bred and most importantly, of excellent character & temperament. A foal's first few months are experienced closely with his mother and it is his mother who has a huge influence on how he grows up and how he experiences life. A good sensible mother produces a good sensible foal.

Secondly, we only use stallions with exceptional temperaments and stand (and have stood) only stallions with superb temperaments. Conformation and movement are also top of the list. Bloodlines, whilst important are not everything to us because we feel that a good stallion should be able to prove himself through his own attributes, not the attributes of his forefathers - our foundation stallion, TF Hamish, is doing just that. We do pay close attention to the bloodlines of our mares.

Our foals are handled from a young age and taught to have their feet trimmed, be led, tied up and travel on a float BUT they are also given plenty of time to just BE horses. We run our horses in herds and the foals are introduced to the main herd by approximately 6 weeks of age. We have friendly outgoing youngsters who learn to respect people and also learn how to play!

The farm is essentially a hobby that we have chosen to share with people like ourselves who have a passion for horses and who wish to breed their own next best friend.


We take outside mares for foaling. One of our most important items of farm equipment is our MAGICBREED foaling alarm which is put on the mare from approximately 10 days prior to her expected foaling date or, as soon as we deem it necessary. We will also agist a limited number of mares who come to be served by our stallion as well as provide an AI management services alongside their Veterinarian for outside breeders and we offer limited turnout and retirement grazing. 

Please see our contracts page for foaling service costs and our AI livery/Retirement/Turnout page for other services


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